10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Brain

Post On: February 1, 2016
By: psycholo

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Tired with the same activity each day can lead toboredom and lack of concentration.

But at least there is an easy way to refresh the brain. What’s it? After doing a lot of work in a day you are likely to experience stress and the mind becomes dizzy. In fact, the same mind the danger of fatigue with physical exhaustion. There are several easy ways tore fresh the brain.

The following ways of scientifically proven effective can make the brain back focus and concentrate for up to 25 minutes.


  1. Sport

Do regular physical activity such as swimming every morning is a powerful way to put your mind at ease. Physical activity can stimulate physical energy and refreshing the mind in addition to all the benefits of his health



Relaxing music is very beneficial for the mind ormental. Clear your mind with just sitting and listening to music. The music will make you feel better.


  3. Laugh

Laugh indeed the best medicine to ward off boredom. Sports, laughter and humor can release endorphin which improves mood and feeling happy.


  4. Sleep

A good sleep is the Foundation for strong productivity. Take a nap for a moment could also back refresh your mind and make you feel better.


  5. Socialization

Human beings are naturally social creatures. The interaction of our fellow human beings seem to be able to keep your mind stay fresh. Do contact with new people or calling a friend


  6. Take a Bath

Nice a warm bath to help relax the mind and body. Add your favorite fragrance or bath salts into the tub. You will also make your activity more enjoyable.


  7. Smell the Fresh Aroma

Smell the coffee aroma, aromatherapy or other fresh smell can easily restore your spirit and renew your mind


  8. Dreaming

For a brief moment, let your imagination wander as child hood. It can also refresh the mind so you can again focus on the task in the next days.


  9. Do Your Hobby

Everyone must have had a hobby right? Yep, carry out a hobby can also relax your brain and relieve you from disease of the mind.


  10. Massage

Massage is the perfect way to relieve tension and reduce stress. You can try different types of massage on different days to come back strengthened.


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