5 Signs If Someone Is Lying to You

Post On: March 13, 2016
By: psycholo

Lying is something very hated by others. However, according to some research that human almost every day do lie. How do we know if someone is lying to us?   Avoiding Eye Contact Lying makes the liar’s heart become restless, and unconsciously the liar be feel sin to the people who have lied. because of that the liar is usually not dare to staring at people who is directly..


The Affect Of Horror Movies On Childrens

Post On: March 10, 2016
By: psycholo

The study that is made with regards to this problem implies that children (especially children age 5 and more youthful and small children) including and older kids even teens and pre  teens face towards the..


Life After Amputation

Post On: March 9, 2016
By: psycholo

For a second, close your vision.   Imagine first your morning routine you are washing and dressing yourself prior to making an easy breakfast. Then to operate you are inside your vehicle, driving along, possibly..


6 Benefits of Optimistic In Your Life

Post On: March 8, 2016
By: psycholo

Optimistic is the character that must be have by any person. Because there is a lot of optimism that we will get compared to people who are pessimistic. Following this is the 6 benefit from optimistic in your life   1. Happy Someone who is optimistic in his life many times fold more happy than not. Because the key to happiness is not of any real property..


5 Stress Effects on the Body

Post On: March 7, 2016
By: psycholo

Although stress is a psychological problem, but if not handled well and properly then the effect is bad and will spread into a physical problem. For example, the body will respond to danger or it is not fun in the form of producing more adrenaline and cortisol. As a result, heartbeat becoming rapid, hearts pulled off more glucose to give more energy to the body, if from time..


6 Things That Women Can Do to Increase Men Sex Drive

Post On: March 6, 2016
By: psycholo

Not just beautiful and sexy body, the women personality also take effect in men sex drive. This can be used by women to increase the closeness in relationships that you guys went through because of the sex that is not just a mere enjoyment, but also as a means to increase harmony to the relationship. Here are 6 personality of the woman that can increase men..


Psychology Of Color For Lingerie

Post On: March 5, 2016
By: psycholo

Are you aware that the sexual mood of partners is dependent around the colour of lingerie they have on? Surprisingly, the colours that people choose to use for any sexy occasion will easily notice a..

treat woman

5 Good Ways to Behave With Woman

Post On: March 4, 2016
By: psycholo

Especially for men, of course, the title of the article is attracting their attention. Surely someone should treat others properly so treated well anyway isn’t it? Each other doing good is the key to getting a good and harmonious relations. Following this is the good way to treat women     1. Be Graceful Since the days of yore on the..


5 Things You Must Do to Gain Success and Wealth

Post On: March 3, 2016
By: psycholo

Everyone will want to be successful and rich in life. However, most of them less trying hard and have less knowledge in achieving it. Moreover, in the current era most people like to obtain instant success. In fact, the real success comes from hard work and not from something instant. The following things should be done to gain success and wealth     1. Have a..