3 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Post On: February 29, 2016
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Erectile dysfunction is usually physically only experienced by the elderly. However that is discussed here is a psychological erectile dysfunction can happen to any man in any age along with the solution. Of course there is no man who would like to experience erectile dysfunction. Here are the causes of erectile dysfunction and solutions



Stress is a psychological problem that could lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because those who stress his mind was too focused on the problem om his life, which were already overwritten them so can not accept the sexual drive that cause impotence.


Solution: You are control of your mind. Don’t you concentrated think on the problem. Be focus and enjoy whatever you do in your life including sex. Think that sex is fun. Burn your sex drive in yours so that you can be a normal erection.



Especially in the sexual trauma as ever raped, cheated, or other painful sexual experience can also lead to erectile dysfunction. This is due to the mind of the person who’s been trauma does not assume sex is something fun because have been hurt before.


Solution: what happened before let it be passed, what happened to you is just an accident. Now reassure yourself that sex that is as exciting as what many people feel. Spreading the love, affection, and give each other is fun isn’t it?



Fear because his trauma does not want repeated, or his mind had been in doctrine with the bad things about sex. Those who fear is convinced that sex is something bad and horrible thing to do.

Solution: a similar solution on the second point, you need to be sure that the sex that is a nice thing. Sure that you also get to enjoy it. No need to be afraid of and no need to care about what bad thing you have in mind. You can certainly do so and can enjoy it like what others have felt.

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