5 Men Personality Based on his Haircuts

Post On: February 4, 2016
By: psycholo

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Nonverbal communication (NVB) is all about delivering & receiving message dumbfounded. You will find several areas of nonverbal communication. One of these is haircuts. Hair do or haircut can reveal your personality. Man’s personality could be read from what haircut he’s, what color it’s, how frequently he changes his haircut, etc. Hair do is a a part of object communication to see or enhance personality, so you need to remember other resist avoid misinterpret.


  1. Short Tidy Hair

 Short hair on the guy could be construed as diligent, active, trustworthiness, & effort. Jobs that need active & practical might also need a guy to continually get short hair. The roles including military, sports, police, etc.


  2. Frequently Changing Hairstyle

If he’s always curious to obtain new style, he then is definitely an adventurous guy needing courage & provides extensive creativeness. He is able to adapt to a different surrounding easily. Certainly one of professions that needs to alter his hair do frequently is superstar. Superstar should adapt in new role he plays easily & required to alter his hair do to follow along with his role.


  3. Mohawk & Punk Hair

Generally worn by youngsters. A guy who will get this hair could be construed compared to the rule & edgy. He loves to be appreciated, to become free, anti-authoritarianism, & includes a spontaneity.


  4. High Maintenance Hair Styling

High Care means styling, ever-altering, dying, & creating artistic hair. High maintenance hair do is tough to become maintained. It takes lots of money. So, a guy rich in maintenance hair do usually provides extensive money. Also, he consentrate on his clothes, footwear, along with other appearance. He always stick to the latest fashion.


  5. Bald Hair

Are bald males sexy? To reply to this, we must realize that its not all guy dare to obtain bald hair do. If he’s an irregular scar on his scalp or formed mind, he will not to show it. Suffer hair loss by mind shaving can also be among the best methods to hide bald place, diminishing hairline, and hair thinning. Hiding man’s going bald is a very common way. But, if your bald guy always hide it everywhere & each time he goes (using a hat or hairpiece), then he isn’t happy with themself. He feels insecure and does not want individuals to know his weakness. He’ll forget about attractive than ever before. Really, going bald is really a normal process for males. Male celebs who’re really proud to become bald for example Chris Daughtry, Taye Diggs, Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, etc.