5 Reasons Why Humans Need Other People in His Life

Post On: March 2, 2016
By: psycholo

humans human need other people

  1. Human is a Social Creature

Surely this can not be denied that in addition to human beings as individuals, also serves as a social creature. This is because in addition to having personal needs, living a life with reason, heart, and soul of its own. Humans also need other creatures especially to interact in order to refine his life


  2. A Lot of Things that Cannot be Done Without Assistance from Another Person

Undeniable that human beings really need other people in his life. Because there are many things that cannot be done any Human let alone if only alone. There are a lot of things have to be done in a group. This is the reason why human beings need the help ofsomeone else in her life


  3. Human Beings are not Perfect

Humans are born with the talent and the different properties of each other. Course from each of the individual there are things that can and cannot be done or not perfect if doing so. As excellent in music is not necessarily good in sports and vice versa.


  4. It is to be Human Complement Each Other

As in the statement in point number 3, because human beings are not perfect this is human should complement each other. And usually comes with the opposite of the nature of each of the human personality. As Crabby comes with that patient,manner is equipped with an optimistic, and so on.


  5. Human Need to Love and be Loved

This is the thing that sometimes people do not realize that human need to love and be loved. There is something strange and empty in human if not gain affection. Aside from being a necessity, people are getting more affection many have confidence, mental strength, and a zest for life than the less or even not getting affection. To gain the affection we surely we should be favored in advance because our origin receive affection is fond of.

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