5 Signs If Someone Is Lying to You

Post On: March 13, 2016
By: psycholo

signs someone lying

Lying is something very hated by others. However, according to some research that human almost every day do lie. How do we know if someone is lying to us?


  1. Avoiding Eye Contact

Lying makes the liar’s heart become restless, and unconsciously the liar be feel sin to the people who have lied. because of that the liar is usually not dare to staring at people who is directly lied by him.


  1. Descreasing His Speaking Volume

This is caused by the anxiety of the body and reduced brain performance so that the volume of the sound volume that is produced when he talk become decreased.


  1. Fidget

The feeling of guilt after lying to make a liar be troubled so make a liar in doing so unusual they do. There are more detail of fidget.


a. Irregular Breath

Caused by irregular heartbeat  for lying. Sometimes followed by sweaty bodies.

bRandomly Touching a Parts of His Body

Usually that touched the head, nose, hair, Eyes,Rubbed Chin, cheeks, etc. This is because the brain working excessive anxiety so that the body performs active motion

c. Speak Tone Different than the usual Talk


  1. Asure You Too Much

Such as using the phrase “trust me”, “I swear”, “I have told you the truth”, “I didn’t lie to you”


  1. Switch the Conversation Topic

Usually this is done by liars who’ve confused like to cover up lies with lies especially, because usually a liar will continue to lie to cover up the lies he has done before. Or you can also deliberately try to change the topic of conversation, if he was happy to follow the turn of the topic of conversation and look more calm in talks, most likely before the person has lied to you.


The most important in detecting lies is the sensitivity and also efforts in observing the candidate a liar in detail, as well as the knoewledge of the traits a liar above or you could also find out from other references. If these three things already mastered undoubtedly you can become a reliable lie detector.