5 Stress Effects on the Body

Post On: March 7, 2016
By: psycholo

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Although stress is a psychological problem, but if not handled well and properly then the effect is bad and will spread into a physical problem. For example, the body will respond to danger or it is not fun in the form of producing more adrenaline and cortisol.

As a result, heartbeat becoming rapid, hearts pulled off more glucose to give more energy to the body, if from time to time require. It is the body’s reaction time is experiencing stress. Once the stress passes, then the conditions back to normal. The heartbeat slows, the liver will no longer produce more sugar, and you are calm again.

There is 5 stress effects for physical health:


1. Cough and flu

Anxiety due to stress is said to be able to bring down a person’s immune system. When the immune system is easy to decline, this could cause viral and bacterial causes of cough or flu easily attacked. Cough and flu is one of the bad influence due to stress.


2. Unstable weight

There are some people who experience stress and eat a lot so he is obese. But not a few people is not the appetite while her middle of stress so that it becomes thinner. Weight stable and likely to go up or down is one of the influences from feelings of stress.


3. Acne

Stress is said to be able to improve a person’s hormone. And if these hormones continue to experience increased, no wonder if it can cause acne on the face or body. Anxiety caused by stress triggers the immune system decline and gave rise to acne.


4. Quickly tired

Stress triggers one’s body undergoes quickly tired. Although it does not work all day and have hadenough rest, stress often deplete energy and stamina.When you feel fatigue, most likely Your middle is exposed to stressful conditions and thinking too much.


5. indigestion

Most of the indigestion sufferers caused by feelings of stress. When a person undergoes stress, not rarely it is changing the diets and trigger the occurrence ofdigestive disorders. Think too much because stress also triggers the digestion in the body does not work normally.

So that the body remains healthy, make sure your mood is always happy and far from feeling anxious to avoid stress effects. Try to keep your diet, exercise, rest and drink enough vitamins so that the body is always healthy.


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