6 Big Secrets Women Hide From Men

Post On: February 6, 2016
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big secret secrets women hide men

Women always have secrets that are hidden from man, so many men says that women are mysterious creatures difficult to understand what is in her heart and her mind. The character of women like this will continue even after marriage and having a husband. Basically every women want to understand by her partner under any circumstances.Why this is happened? Because the woman is the figure with a soft heart and very sensitive in everything especially related to relationship or family. The women often use her feelings before act. Conversely, men often use thought or logic before act. This things makes women prefer to be quiet.


  1. Women really like to be praised

When women do something good for couples, women are actually very expect praise from her partner. Not meaning she only want to be praised, but this is one way that can make a woman more excitement in doing something for the sake of their beloved ones. For example, when the woman cooking for her couples, she want to be praised like , “very delicious” or “thanks for the delicious food”. These simple words would be a positive effect for women for more excitement to make her couple happy.


  2. Women really have the fear of loss

The woman is actually a very easy being frail when faced with a problem but often the women always hide this weakness by acting he is strong and do not has problems. Although the couple’s relationship looks fine, every woman always have the fear of loss. Most women act like she is doesn’t matter, actually, the women just hide her fear of loss


  3. Women really want her partner to be more active

Many women can affect many tasks at once without the help of anybody. If you want to compare women and men have equal responsibility. If men work to earn a living, women take care of the house, cooking, keep and take care of the children, even the women, too, can work and do all those things. But even so, most women  deep in her heart always want the partner to a more active and have the initiative in everything. But not all couples or men can understand this.


  4. Women really like to be seduced while being angry

When is angry because her partner made a mistake,most women will silence the thousand and one language or piece of me piece endlessly like gulls. In a State like this woman actually just want to seduced, and want to hear the word “sorry”, “I am sorry” or “I love you” from her partner. When the man seduce the woman, the woman would feel flying and rage in her heart will be lost instantly.


  5. Women really likes surprise

Every woman loves a nice surprise. Surprises can make women happy and feel pampered. Often times women have given signs of when to expect surprises from her partner, for example, woman say to her partner, “A very nice place well for a vacation”, or “B ya very romantic restaurant for dinner two of us”. As a man, you have to be more sensitive of this, because that’s the sign of your parent who wish you take him or realize her wish.


  6. Women really can read body language

Every woman is not only sensitive to the couple, the woman also can read language her partner. Whether the couple was having problems or is lying, women can be found this just by looking at her partner’s bodymotion. As a man, you should always remember this and strive to always open to women, even though women is silent does not mean women don’t know each others partner’s behaviour.


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