6 Facts About Dreams

Post On: February 3, 2016
By: psycholo


  1. Dream Will be Forgotten Quickly

When you’re dreaming and you awakened by something. the dream will instantly forgotten, if no attempt  from you to remember the dream that already happened. Most of us when told our is often adding story that are considered connected with the pieces of the dream
After you get up for 5 minutes, 50% of your dream have been forgotten. and after 10 minutes. 90% of your dream have been forgotten (because there is no attempt from us to remember our past dream.

If you want to remember what your dream, please provide pens and paper near your bed. When you awaken, immediately write down your dreams on paper. Don’t allow anyone bothering you when you are wrtiing your dream.


  2. Stimulation From the Outside Can Enter Your Dream

when you’re dreaming, then the stimulus from the outside there are voices who tried calling out your name. that voices will enter into your dreams. in a dream when you’re urinate in the toilet, in the real world you actually do urinate on beds and usually called by nocturnal enuresis


  3. We Can Arrange  the Dream Story

we can make that dream fit the story that we want. of course with exercises and specific techniques that called lucid dream. With the entrer into the lucid dream, we can do anything that we might not be able to do in real life


  4. When Dreaming Our Body Is Paralyzed

Have you ever seen someone when they are sleeping?, but they eyes be active? It is called rapid eye movement. In this condition, when someone is dreaming and they are suddenly awakened. they will not be able to move his body.


  5. We Only Dreaming What We Know

May of us often dream in strange places and people we don’t know. Actually our brain is not randomly creating that dream. All of that is something we have ever seen, but we are not able to remember it.  memory in our brains have an incredible ability to record it all. So the brain will never run out of actors and setting that will be replayed in our dreams.


  6. Dreams Can Be Continued

Have you ever dreaming then awakened because something?. Where as your dream is not finished. Then you sleep again. no know what your dream will be continued. But your past dream is still continues.


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