Have You Use Your Time Effectively?

Post On: February 2, 2016
By: psycholo

time effectiverly use

Time is every second that keep running no matter what happened in this life. Have you ever ask your self am I used my time more effectively? Such an insignificant question to ask for ourselves. But if we think again about that question we realized that time is actually valuable in our life. Time cannot be bought money. So we must use our time more effectively. Do and avoid this thing to using our time more effectively


Must to do list:

  1. Hard Work

surely we will never regret our life if we keep doing hard work. Believe me, hard work will never betray you. Surely there will a fair retribution if we do hard work.

  2. Helping Others

Helping other people? That just wasting time! Sounds like that but actually not. Helping other people will make much pleasure while helping their problem and our heart will be peace, calm, and merciful. Like on hard work, there will a fair retribution if we helping other people. We never know where does our help come from

  3. Think Before Taking Action

This is very important thing. We can increase the time efficiency while doing something if something we do already planned well and we can avoid the fatal error that take long time for fix that.

  4. Enjoy Every Time In Your Life

don’t do useless activity that only wasting time like stress, prejudice, crab. If we think is there a benefit from doing that? Actually big NO


Must to avoid list:

  1. Lazy

is a very bad activity, don’t you think when you enjoy the lazy, how much time has been wasted? But if we work hard we can use that time to good use. Always remember if time has passed will never come back

  2. Hastily

This is also something that is harmful .Hastily when do something surely would never have been the maximum. There’s just a mistake or missed something if we hastily

  3. Regret

You can regret something just for a moment and as a lesson in life. But don’t be too long, accept the fact that is already happen and do your best from now to utilize time maximally

  4. Exaggerate

do everything sufficiently and maximum. Other than wasting time, Exaggerate is wasting your money too.


That is the thing we have to do and we avoid to utilize time. Always remember  in your mind if time has passed will never come back again. Therefore, do anything effectively.


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